Educational research case study method

Mixed Methods in Case Study Research

The research may also continue for an extended period of time, so processes and developments can be studied as they happen. The case study method, with its use of multiple data collection methods and analysis techniques, provides researchers with opportunities to triangulate data in order to strengthen the research findings and conclusions.

Research involves gathering new data from primary or first-hand sources or using existing data for a new purpose. The results reported here suggest that case studies, regardless of the source, are significantly more effective than other methods of content delivery at increasing performance on examination questions related to chemical bonds, osmosis and diffusion, mitosis and meiosis, and DNA structure and replication.

The large urban public library as an agency of social reform, It is at this point that it is important to make a distinction between this type of learning and problem-based learning.

Educational research

In ethnographic research, it is common for the researcher to live in the culture under study for extended periods of time and to return home for short breaks, then return to the research setting for more data collection. The approach is much more utilitarian as it strives to find information that will directly influence practice.

By staying involved with the culture over a period of years, data about social changes that occur over time are more readily perceived and understood.

I also was told by the funding source that I should not request additional funds for research, if the results would not be publishable. Students will have been made aware of this in the previous session so have the opportunity to prepare questions.

Careful definition of the questions at the start pinpoints where to look for evidence and helps determine the methods of analysis to be used in the study. A summary of the differences between these courses is given in Table 2.

The structure and format of our case studies can be likened to project-based learning as described by Savin-Baden Common Methods used in Case Study Research The goal of case study research is to understand the complexity of a case in the most complete way possible.

One may need to meet with the community leaders.

Methodology or method? A critical review of qualitative case study reports

The researcher has the responsibility for giving something back, whether it is monetary remuneration, gifts or material goods, physical labor, time, or research results. In this case, the investigator decides to also conduct open-ended interviews with key members of each organization using a check-list to guide interviewers during the interview process so that uniformity and consistency can be assured in the data, which could include facts, opinions, and unexpected insights.

In psychology, case studies are often confined to the study of a particular individual. It further involves verifying information gathered to determine if the researcher correctly understood the information collected.

Type I courses are the traditional Materials Science and Engineering degrees which are accredited by the Engineering Council and can lead onto Chartered Engineer status. Selecting multiple or single cases is a key element, but a case study can include more than one unit of embedded analysis.

In either case, the observation in this stance is unobtrusive and unknown to participants. For example, Freud has been criticized for producing case studies in which the information was sometimes distorted to fit the particular theories about behavior e.

Teaching Materials Using Case Studies

Investigators need to be flexible in real-life situations and not feel threatened by unexpected change, missed appointments, or lack of office space. Research attempts to find an objective, unbiased solution to the problem and takes great pains to validate the procedures employed.

When evidence conflicts, deeper probing of the differences is necessary to identify the cause or source of conflict.

One tends to do it off and on. The goal of the written report is to portray a complex problem in a way that conveys a vicarious experience to the reader.

Therefore, original case studies that addressed the latter two topics were produced as part of this study, and case studies produced by unaffiliated instructors and published by the NCCSTS were used to address the former two topics.

·  International Journal of Case Method Research & Application () XVII, 3 The following example is an item from Case Studies in Preparation for the California Reading Competency Reading Test [Rossi & Schipper, ] Carmen is a second grade non-English speaker (NEP) xvii_iii  · Educational research refers to the systematic collection and analysis of data related to the field of education.

Case studies in educational research

Research may involve a variety of methods.[1][2][3] Research may involve various aspects of education including student learning, teaching methods, teacher training, and classroom dynamics.[4] Educational researchers generally agree Characteristics of educational research · Approaches · Methodology · See For example, YIN () discusses case study research and in the context of presenting case study, refers to it as a research method while emphasizing the procedures used.

He does not use the terms methodology or As the authors report, the school’s founding dean, Edwin Gay, had adapted the case study method pioneered at Harvard’s law school, of which Donham was an  · the utilization of case study method in the field of educational research I will zero in on the ensuing works: Robert K.

Yin's Case Study Research: Design and Methods (), Sharan

Case Study

· research, case study is defined by interest in individual cases, not by the methods of inquiry used”. Other researchers, such as Robert Yin (), place /

Educational research case study method
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