Celebrating nerdiness

Summary-Response Essay - Celebrating Nerdiness by Tom rogers

When he refused, she publicly told him he would never graduate from high school. Nerds are eager explorers, who enjoy measuring themselves against one another and also compete aggressively. My older boy, a pale and unathletic kid, was an easy target.

Celebrating Nerdiness

I wonder how long this report is supposed to be. I decide to change somethings about the summary. I had no idea what he was going to say.

Unfortunately, the world's response to our family has not always been so enthusiastic. Does he use familiar synonyms for nerdiness.

At the same time one derives an almost perverse pleasure from wallowing in this deficit. When my sons were still in school, they were often picked on by classmates.

Talking about popular stereotypes and ruining them, Rogers explains that people like him are enthusiastic towards studying, and although often misunderstood by teachers and classmates, they have a good sense of humor and are convinced that nerdiness has its advantages.

The author explains in a few words the misconceptions of nerds and reasons to why they are labeled this way. The nerd must serve as comic relief for the future-anxieties of Western society. He says what nerds are supposed to be, and then explains what they Celebrating nerdiness are.

Roger also, negates the view of nerds as those people who are narrow-minded and thoughtless. Like most nerds, I didn't know I was one until I started school.

Towards the middle of the show, he gave this speech. At some points, Tom Rogers is reasonable in defending the image of nerds and highlighting the value of them. This also enhances and promotes understanding of some new vocabulary words by the readers so that the reading and comprehension of the article is made quite easy.

These kinds of characteristic are the main reason for creating a gap between nerds and the rest of society. He claims that being a nerd is "not just OK but something wonderful" by citing examples of himself and his two sons.

He could easily remember what the teacher had said. Tom Roger says that nerdiness is not the inability to understand …societal norms. The placement of the purpose of the essay at the beginning of the article is quite effective. He uses an example from his childhood memory about how he was treated by his classmate because he was enthusiastic in answering the teacher's question when the others were not.

Fellow Nerds: Let's Celebrate Nerdiness!

This shows that he calls nerdiness with synonym expressions such as narrow minded and thoughtless individuals and as individuals who have the inability to understand and conform to the societal norms.

The definition that Tom Roger uses to define nerdiness changes with the course of the essay. This placement is quite effective due to the fact that reader comes to a clear understanding of the meaning of nerdiness, in the early stages of the book without going deep into the book.

My boys were often misunderstood by their teachers, too. Deutsche dissertationen datenbank architektur Deutsche dissertationen datenbank architektur american hustle rosalyn analysis essay essay on buddism superb english essay. Place your order now with EssayDomain. The same situation happened with his sons who are also nerds.

He gives the example of famous people including Estein, Thomas Paine and Newton. On the other hand, Tom Rogers also emphasizes the value of nerdiness.

Tom Roger compares nerdiness to wonderful people who are brilliant, accomplished and who are able to carry out activities and tasks which average people may not be in a position to do.

This is because it makes clear to the reader the main purpose why the author wrote the article. He claims that if these great men could acquire success by innovating the world, today's nerds also have attitude to do so. The article, “Celebrating Nerdiness” by Tom Rogers aims to improve and correct the society’s misconception of a nerd, by providing the.

A nerd is a person seen as overly intellectual, obsessive, introverted or lacking social skills. Such a person may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular, little known. Celebrating Nerdiness [Name] [Institution] [Date] Celebrating Nerdiness The purpose of the essay "Celebrating Nerdiness" is to show how the society is supposed to.

Celebrating nerdiness analysis essay

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Tom Rogers wrote an essay called “Celebrating Nerdiness”, which describes Rogers and his family of nerds, and the misconceptions and stereotypes that people have of nerds. "Celebrating nerdiness" by Tom Rogers discusses the misconceptions and stereotypes that society usually has about nerds as well as the real value of being a nerd.

This article was published in Newsweek (), the second largest weekly magazine in the United States to target the public audience, including nerd's community.4/4(1).

Celebrating nerdiness
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Fellow Nerds: Let's Celebrate Nerdiness!